June 11, 2015

The Real Traits a Female Visionary Needs | Business + Branding

Nobody could ever argue that an entrepreneur must be brilliant, organized, and creative. But, the modern female entrepreneur is a force unlike anything we’ve seen before. She’s a multifaceted powerhouse that is undeniably strong. Her strength comes from traits that flow from deep within. In our current market the following entrepreneurial traits are essential to standing out, and sustaining your vision.

1. Resourcefully Unstoppable- 
You can encompass every traditional entrepreneurial trait, but without following through, you just have potential. Follow through separates the day dreamers from the day achievers. It requires an extreme level of resourcefulness. Resourcefulness pushes through resistance and obstacles. An entrepreneur must look at every situation from multiple vantage points and always be willing to test out an unconventional approach. 

2. Progressive Authenticity - 
Yes, it is true that most markets are saturated, and people get bored of things quickly. To stand out, you must be see beyond the current trends, and be inventive about how you do that. An entrepreneur must master the ability to predict what’s ahead, and evolve in a way that is still authentic to their brand. Bandwagon branding never last, timeless creative evolution does. 

3. Connected Nature- 
A strong female entrepreneur see’s herself as a source. An extension of this is her ability to connect people, resources, and projects within her reach. She values a powerful network of fellow power entrepreneurs as a priceless asset. The ability to reach into her network for inspiration, collaborations, and insight benefits her and everyone within her world. She looks for opportunities to host events and link the possibility around her. 

4. Captivating Energy - 
An entreprenur that has a sharp mind but maintains an inviting energy will capture the intrigue of everyone she encounters. In this social media era interest is currency. The magnetic pull that someone feels not only to what you do, but for the visionary brand energy fueling it, is gold. This allows the relationships that you establish to be genuine.

5. Securely Confident - 
The entrepreneurial marketplace can expose you to a lot of competition, comparison, fakeness, and influence. But, a secure entrepreneur doesn’t spend any time worrying about being offended, uncertain, or unworthy. Getting caught up in the social politics of it all can water down the growth and direction of your vision. Your brand will suffer without a securely centered energy force pouring in and protecting it. 

Pursuing your dreams isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  When you nurture these traits your soul will enjoy the experience as you dominate the marketplace too. Pursuing your dream isn’t just about the outcome, it’s about the life and relationships that following those dreams exposes you to. 

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