June 1, 2015

Visionary Mamalife | Motherhood

You can read the original feature here.

Empire Life did a feature for Mother's Day on Mompreneurs and I wanted to share it here as well!

On being a mom:

I am a mom to this cool little chick named Luna, and I love her to bits. For the past two years I have enjoyed seeing her personality unfold before my eyes. It’s important to me that she grows up in lifestyle of affirmation and possibility. It’s why we already travel the world with her and have her sit in on business and spiritual gatherings when appropriate. It’s never too early to absorb a positive rhythm. I am responsible for building her launching pad and it’s a true honor to be entrusted with that. Motherhood has been one of the greatest gifts i’ve ever received.

My view on motherhood:

"Motherhood is the ultimate role of leadership."

What's one bit of advice that you have for mother's who wish to build their empire?

Being a mother does not cancel the visionary purpose on your life. You can be a mother and still pursue the powerful things in your spirit. Too many women give up the call on their life for their children. Then their children might do the same thing for their children. This results in generations of unfulfilled purpose. Your dreams and ambitions don’t have to die when you give birth.

Is it easy to put in the work required to create an empire while raising children? Of course not. But, they need to see a mother who believed, committed and accomplished despite having every reason to set it aside or quit."

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