May 21, 2015

Creating Impact Within Your Vision | Business + Branding

Social responsibility within business is a privilege and an opportunity. The role of leadership is a gateway to implementation. You have instant influence and decision making capabilities. Are you prepared to channel that wisely and without ego? I ask because you are now entrusted with inspiring, motivating, and teaching everyone within your reach. There are countless way to positively impact the world through your business, but I listed two main avenues below that can have the largest ripple effect. 

1. Reach within. The culture of creating a blueprint.
Being a leader within business is an opportunity to redefine what the culture of work can look like for those within your team. You get to implement things that people usually only wish for in their work life. Why not make it fun and beneficial to work alongside you? What’s so wrong with giving people something to get excited about? Why did that become unheard of in the work world? Be the refreshing blueprint of what a healthy work culture can be. 

The possibilities for infusing a work place with unheard of awesomeness is limitless. If you create a new blueprint for how business can be done, I guarantee that similar companies will adopt the blueprint too. Spreading the shift until the 9-5 perkless work culture fades away into something that allows a true work/life balance to emerge.

Even if you’re technically working solo on your vision at this time, you’re a leader of an ideal. You represent something that not everyone thinks they can do. Your lifestyle is a direct example of an expanding dimension of possibility in what creating a living can look like. Use your influence to reach out and help others access what you achieved. When you recognize the desire for pursuing a vision in someone, offer to guide them. Your leadership and interest can have such a life altering impact. 

2. Reach out - The culture of creating a platform.
When you lead a business vision you have an opportunity to establish a “sister cause” platform through it. Something meaningful that people can get involved in. It doesn’t have to be obviously related to what you do. It’s more about listening to what is within your heart while creating community than anything else. Don’t be afraid to get bold with your ideas. Sometimes it’s easy to wait for non-profits to organize stuff like this, but as a leader, all you have to do is decide to do it. 

Both of these avenues give you a chance to create a transformational impact internally and externally. Without a passion for impact, you’re just a commodity. With a passion for impact, you’re a movement. The most important thing to remember is that whatever style of leader you are that true leadership is born out of humble service, not ego. True leaders give, provide, love, uplift, share, and serve. 

Originally published on Empire Life Magazine

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