April 21, 2015

When You Feel Like Everybody is Already Doing What You Do | Business + Branding

I’m sure you’ve heard, or experienced, how crowded the marketplace is for an up & coming visionary. It can seem like everybody has some sort of business going on. And, while it is saturated, at the end of the day that doesn’t mean that what you bring to the marketplace matters any less. It also doesn’t count as an excuse not to get out there. 

Sometimes when you feel like everyone is doing something, especially something you do, you can begin to lose your confidence. If that happens, just keep the four Perspective Design truths below in your spirit, and build yourself back up.

1. It doesn’t give you an excuse not to support.
Just because someone does something similar to you, they are still your sister with a vision. There’s enough business, impact, love and money to be experienced by everyone. Building each other up instead of hating on each other makes the experience more enriched for everyone involved. Hating only comes when you feel threatened, jealous, or intimidated. Let that go. Who knows… maybe even a collaboration can become of it. Either way, honor & celebrate the talents, accomplishments, and ambition in each other. She has a dream that means the world to her too. Believe in her. This is what women supporting women really looks like.

2. Define your signature value. 
No matter what you do, you bring your one of a kind experiences, inspirations, perspective, and style to it. This allows you to uniquely decide what you offer, and how you offer it, to create a signature experience. Know exactly what it is that only you can bring within what you do, and own it. There could be a 100 other people doing what you do… but the people that are supposed to be drawn to you will be because they will relate to the value they recognize in you.

3. Crowded doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you. 
The market can be as busy as it’s want to be. If you truly excel at what you do, and provide an experience, there will be space for you. People will be attracted to what you do. Quality rises above hype, and it remains long after trends and slightly committed visionaries fall off. Maybe lots of people want to be a writer, entrepreneur, designer, coach, thought leader, speaker, musician, or some sort of artist. But, that doesn’t cancel out your words, ideas, wisdom, creativity or art. Can you imagine if every musician thought it was useless to make more music because music has already been made? There would be no more music. You can apply that same theory to whatever your craft is.

4. Everywhere is crowded 
Yes, the entrepreneur, artist, & small business marketplace might be overcrowded. But, you know what other marketplace is overcrowded too? The 9-5 cubicle marketplace. Both are oversaturated, but you can make your mark in whichever one will make you happy. If you’re going to work, sacrifice, and put hours of your life into working on something… pick the industry you really want to put all that effort into getting into. 

No matter what you do... do it will your signature twist and with love.

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