April 7, 2015

When you Feel Like You're in the Middle of an Epic Fail | Well Being + Lifestyle

Ever been in a situation that literally looks like a complete contradiction to the vision you stepped out in faith for? It just seems like THAT is the exact area that is a challenge, and not going the way you would've imagined, right?

But, if you look hard enough, you'll see it. You'll see that what looks like the end, is simply a strategic change in direction. You'll see what feels like the bottom as a clean fresh slate. You'll see that being stripped of things creates space for possibility.

Is it easy to always see it that way? Absolutely not. But, constantly applying that perspective will keep your spirit focused on the truth, and you'll flip that season to your advantage. You'll learn. You'll see the endless obstacle course of one challenge after another as training. Preparation for the things ahead. For visionaries, these seasons refine, highlight, and enhance areas of your personality you may never have known were your strong points. So, sometimes everything looking like the opposite of what you believed it would be, is actually extreme confirmation that you're in the middle of walking in to it. 

I say all that from a place of being right in the thick of that exact season. For five months we were in Malaysia & Thailand. While in Thailand two great things happened. First, we found a city that instantly felt like home to us that we plan to move back to. Second, an unexpected business idea was inspired. 

But, here's where the path we expected to be on totally shifted. We were loving Thailand, fully ready to stay and settle in. Yet, in February, we kept getting the feeling like it was time to go back to the States briefly before making a home in Bangkok. We planned to stay for only a month or so. But, about 7 hours into our first flight God revealed and prepared my spirit for something else. 

For almost two hours I sat there and just cried, flooded with direction, reality, disappointment, clarity, hope & surrendering. I started to see that there were foundations that needed to be laid here in the States for things first before going back again. Things that would propel our visions. Did I personally like that in that moment? Of course not, I wanted to head back to Thailand as soon as possible. But, I knew we couldn't let what we wanted to do cloud the flow of the vision that was rapidly unfolding with so much possiblity. The vision trumps everything, it's why we moved in the first place. 

While some things appeared to fall apart, many other things are growing beautifully into place in a way I could've never planned. There is possibility tangled within it all, and I am loving the continued adventure. Our focus is the vision, so whatever the path to get there looks like, we're on it with no hesitation. Again, is it easy? Nope. But, it cultivates an unstoppable nature within... and that's probably the point. I know we are not the only ones in this season, and that's why I wrote this, so if you're in it too...  don't let the resistance win. You got this. You're not failing, you're progressing more than you can imagine. 

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