November 14, 2014

I Can't Believe I'm Writing About... Kim Kardashian | Womanhood

I love what being a woman encompasses. We embody a complexity that can't possibly be defined, and a power that is unmatched when harnessed in positivity. I also love and feel very protective of the women in my generation, the younger women coming up after us, as well as our daughters. 

The level of distracting influences around us is at epic levels. The exposure to extremely cheap imitations of what a real woman should be has created a false standard of normal. Distorted media concepts have paved the way for even more distorted definitions of sexuality, art, and femininity.

I saw the pictures of Kim Kardashian and the whole "break the internet" thing. Normally I don't even care about anything she does because I simply don't find anything about her that impressive, but this whole thing just didn't sit right with me. None of this is to throw shade towards her or how she lives, it's not really even about her, it's about her unfortunate effect. 

Now I know she may not have signed on to be a role model to anyone, so i'm sure she's laughing all the way to bank while reading all the media sensation around her as we speak. That's exactly what she wanted. But, what I don't understand is that she had the luxury and second chance of possibly being known as more then "the girl with Ray J in that sex tape". To some she could be known as a brilliant business woman, maybe a style icon since Kanye switched it up for her, or even a cultural pop icon that did something legendary. With so much influence she could easily choose her legacy. But she chooses to continually revert back to making sure we never forget how we even know her name in the first place.

Society is unknowingly absorbing the symptoms of an insecure woman doing anything to feed her addiction to being adored. She lowered the bar for decency, while also raising the bar for shameless shock value. My question is what does topping what she did look like? What we will see next from her, or more importantly the other millions of women who will attempt to gain similar attention through their own realms of influence using her as their inspiration? I wonder how she would feel if her daughter's way of expressing her sexuality when she get's older begins to mimic how mommy did it? 

She claims to have done the shoot because she had a desire to create art and work with that photographer, but she could've still done those things without nipples and using up the national baby oil supply. Some people will argue that porn is "art" too, but let's be real, even it's artsy erotic porn, it's still porn.

When you know who you are, you know how to own your sex appeal. You carry your beauty as an extra and prefer to keep your boobs and booty where they belong. I just want women to believe and know in their heart that this is nothing to aspire to or compare yourself with. I want the younger women coming up to really believe that this is not the way to attract attention. Your sex appeal can not be your only playing card. Your biggest source of confidence and self-worth can not be what you sit on. 

I genuinely pray that she realizes she is more than a sex object, and that she begins to take advantage of the influential power she has fallen into for something more than plumping (ha!) her own image. 

And to all my beautiful woman reading this: Don't forget how much power YOU have and how multifaceted YOU are. No matter how sexy you feel, or don't feel for that matter, YOU are more than just pretty body parts.

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