September 19, 2014

Our First Two Week in Kuala Lumpur

We've been here a little over two weeks now, and at times it really hits that we're basically starting from scratch. That in itself can be a unique feeling, especially when you already established a life somewhere else that you enjoyed, but it's refreshing and we love it. We've been laughing so much at ourselves because the adjusting and exploring, especially with a toddler, can led to some hilarious situations. 

I've found that I really love exploring and being out more in the evenings. It's a little cooler once the sun goes down, and the entire city just glows.

We found the greener side of KL last week which led us to the biggest playground area we've ever seen. The picture below is about a fourth of the playground. There is plenty here for Luna to enjoy and it's definitely kid friendly. Playgrounds, free waterpark pools right under the towers, and lots of toy stores. We can't wait to take her to the aquarium, the botanical gardens, and some place called KidZania. As you can see below... I think she likes Malaysia.
We finally made it over to Chinatown and it's definitely a tourist spot. If you're in the market for a "genuine gucci bag",  you'll love the never ending strip of stalls.  The bright colors, fresh flowers and fruit were beautiful though.
The city has 4 different types of trains that create their transportation system so it's easy to get wherever you want. When you add in the air conditioned tunnel walkway system and free bus that hit's all the hot spots of the area you can make it around pretty efficiently.  
The one part of getting around that is a little difficult is that we push Luna in her stroller and some of the sidewalks are uneven and the curbs can be 6-8 inches high for some odd reason. It takes a little more effort, but she is patient with all the bumps and just enjoys everything she sees. She even likes to hold the pole while we're on the train because she see's us doing it. We are thankful everyday that she has such an easy going  and curious travel nature. 
The touch barrier is unique here. Adults don't show a lot of physical touch or affection towards one another, especially men to women, but with children it's totally different. It's not in a weird creepy way at all. The most unique part to us is how open Luna is to all of it. She is quicker to engage with people and will even hold her arms up for certain people to hold her or grab her hand while she walks. We obviously are always right there for safety reasons, but it's really cool to watch the connections between strangers facilitated through her. Everyone is fascinated with her hair and it's like they just have to touch it. 
The other hilarious encounters are with people who look at Kevin with such curiosity. You do not see any other black men out here so many are intrigued by him, and have even asked to take pictures with him. It's too funny because they probably think he's an athlete or something.
The weather here is hot and humid, but the humidity really doesn't seem much different than back in the DC area. It rains for about half an hour each day and that is considered the rainy season. There is a part of me already going through Fall weather withdrawal, but i'll trade it for not having to experience winter. The pool has truly become one of our favorite places to cool down, especially for Luna. Between the other kids and getting thrown around by Kevin, she's a happy little mermaid.
Oh, and there has been a ton of this going on. Lots of writing and developing. The creativity has been flowing and the progress i'm making is giving my spirit such life. I'm so thankful for this season to be able to work on things and take them to the next level. We spent more time staying in and working on our visions during the day this past week because that's where our passion really lies, we can't help it!

Overall, i'd say it's really starting to feel like home.

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