September 22, 2014

Ernest & Chanel

These two. What can I say? I love them.

This would be my last photoshoot in the States for awhile, and who better to do it with than two people that mean so much to me. He has been my best friend for 12 years, he's my brother, he led me to have a relationship with God, and he's always encouraged me. I got to meet Chanel almost 4 year ago, and she has become a sister to me. She is a genuine, compassionate soul that loves to support and love on people. She has always loved me in such an unconditional way, and I truly enjoy getting to have her in my life. They both have blessed me beyond description.

They recently got engaged in New York City, and have a wedding ceremony planned for November, so of course pictures were in order. I was able to capture some great couple images, and Chanel's handsome son made a cameo in a few for some great family shots. The day we took them was hot, hazy, and a little cloudy and it created an effect in the photos that was unique. Unique is a word that definitely describes them. These two are edgy, unconventional, outside of the box creative people, and I wanted them to have artsy pictures that reflected that. 

I'm so so so happy for these two and the love they share. I know they will accomplish amazing things in their life. They love God, they have an unbreakable bond, and they have nothing but possibility in front of them.  

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