August 18, 2014

Two Week's Until Takeoff - DC to Malaysia

From fairy tales to testimonies we usually hear stories from the end ... once it's safe to tell and to hear. It's safe to talk about because the risks have been justified and the unknowns can be answered. It's safe to hear because you know the happy ending is coming, the emotional response of joyful support is easy.

The main reason I want to share a few pieces of our's along the way is because a big beautiful part of any story is when the bits and pieces haven't been tied up perfectly yet. When the answer hasn't already been discovered. There is a freedom in accepting that sometimes we won't have all the answers. The season's when we have a promise or word from God to do something, but we don't know all the "hows" is not only ok, but a set up for new things. With that being said, the truth is, it's not always easy to make a big decision, especially when you don't have all the puzzle pieces put together yet.

We leave August 31st, exactly two weeks away. We still haven't been able to sell one of our cars, we have a place to stay for a month out there set up, and we have options for jobs and income, but we really don't have a lot of the details for how things are going to work out or look. All we know is that a year ago God said we could go and we believe everything between that and going, is covered.

Is it hard? 

Of course! Giving up a lifestyle you are used to is not easy. Neither is giving up offers and opportunities because you trusted something greater. Sometimes I wake up at night and can't stop going through the mental to-do list in my head. Everyday I'm logistically realizing more things that need to be researched or taken care of. I'd be lying if I said I didn't wonder what was going to happen after a month or so of being out there. It's also very hard to spend time with people  knowing that time spent with them will look different once you are 9,000 miles away.

One of the hardest parts of not knowing exactly how everything is going to work out is that we can't answer the questions people have for us. The look on their face like you're crazy or the tone of their voice when you don't have an answer for every detail in question plucks on something inside that could easily create doubt if you let it.
It's a constant re-application of faith.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it already is because we have peace about the decision. We decided before we even set foot on that plane to be in the moment of the journey and not constantly compare what was, what could've been, or what might happen. No matter what the outcome of taking a step and moving away like this becomes, it's already worth it because we believed enough and had enough faith to do it. We are ready for the adventure of it. We feel like putting too many of the puzzle together before we even get there takes away from the experience. So, we have the pieces and seeing where they fit IS our plan.

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