July 19, 2014

Are You A Misfit Of The Traditional Work Flow? | Well Being + Lifestyle

I am a misfit of the traditional work mold.

This does not mean i'm lazy, anti-work, or have problems with authority. It does mean the typical 9-5 style job, working for someone else, or doing something I have zero passion for literally just doesn't fit my spirit. I told myself over and over to be grateful for the employment and accept that it was just a reality of life, especially in this economy. Yet not a day would go by where the following collection of thoughts wouldn't pass through my mind at some point....

"Whose beat are we all dancing to? Why are we all conforming and sticking to one man's version of what making a living and getting an education in our society should look like? A one size fits all approach is not working for everyone, and it robs the global community of people functioning at their full unique potential. We are a generation that is highly informed and connected. We demand the freedom for progressive thinking and advancement in all area's of our life. Yet every morning most of society wakes up to immediately tuck ourselves back into an outdated factory originated system for the majority of the day. Rushing around like ants to satisfy a ticking 8 hour time clock. 

We aren't using the tools of this time to our real advantage, we aren't implementing new schools of thought where it really matters. We allow the best hours of our day to be dictated by a job we appreciate, but don't really love, and we do it because it pays for things. Things we don't even get to enjoy because we are so busy working to afford them. Then we try to squeeze our real life, dreams, and priorities into the  few hours we scramble to create for ourselves on lunch breaks, at the end of the day, or between catching up on the weekends. 

The work/life balance has malfunctioned greatly. We accept that only the lucky few get to have fulfilling jobs they love, and we continue on because we don't see another way.  But there is another way... millions of other ways. It doesn't have to be the way it's been, we all have options and it's up to us to create them. Be proof of  a new normal, the one with more version's of possibility"

This isn't all just fluffy day dream talk either. I say this as someone truly committed to make a living in a way that connects with who I am designed to be, even if it means going against the grain of my current lifestyle. I'm putting down my own comfy government job next month to pursue the vision placed in me for Sacred Rebel full time. No guarantees, no savings account, just extreme faith and a word from God to go and do it. You usually hear about these stories from the other side... the happy ending, the pretty packaged version. But i'm writing this at the very beginning of a new chapter, and sharing along the way.

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