June 18, 2012



A life that has the space for purpose, visions, creativity, love & dreams to grow and reach full potential is essential. Many of us have goals and aspirations but end up distracted or consumed by the busyness of life.

All the areas of our life….
time management
soul health
financial spending
obligations within our home
physical health
eating habits
running errands
our perspective on work/life balance
how we treat and interact with other people
how much we love or give to others
…and numerous other everyday details that we easily disregard as
routine or unrelated really do matter.

 Things may seem unrelated but every aspect of our life, from the ordinary to the extraordinary is intertwined.
When our focus becomes purposeful it creates space for more energy to love, pour in to, and fully celebrate each moment, task, and experience.

It may seem basic, but unwavering foundations are built on basics.

A lot of what we are called to do and fulfill has already been prepared by God, we just have to prepare the conditions in our life that will nurture those plans.  
It’s a co-labor that brings two worlds (heaven’s intentions and our everyday life) together to create a reality that He intended for us to walk in.
The better we take care of and approach each area of our life, the better conditions we create for the things that matter to be.

After years of living in distraction and overwhelming busyness,
this truth and learning how to live in it has become a passion of mine.
I never understood the significance of it until
God began teaching me and showing me how all the areas of my life were related.
 How breakthroughs in the “small” areas, leads to breakthrough in the “bigger” areas.

Let’s let God breath fresh perspective into all of us…