June 12, 2012


I was writing something earlier and used the word mundane.
A word I passionately never want to associate with my life.
I looked up the definition of it.

Mundane is:
Earthly, temporal, worldly, ordinary, average, common, normal, plain, boring, routine, typical, standard, unexceptional, unremarkable, expected, predictable, tame, day to day.

Just reading those words bores me and is an energy killer! Blah.

So I looked up the antonyms of mundane.

Antonyms of Mundane:
Heavenly, non-temporal, unworldly, extraordinary, wonderful, exceptional, abnormal, atypical, unusual, unique, uncommon, odd, weird, strange, quirky, funny, rare, peculiar, supernatural, phenomenal.

Which group of descriptions would you rather describe who you are
and the way you live?

Have you ever felt ashamed of being funny, unusual, odd, weird, quirky, peculiar or strange? Well, look at the company of words that those awesome traits are among.

Why do we all strive to be normal?
Why live by an earthly/worldly standard that is literally defined as being
plain, expected, unexceptional, & unremarkable

I prefer to dwell in the opposite of mundane… in the supernatural, extraordinary, exceptional, wonderful, realites of Heaven.

**Those definitions were straight out of Webster’s and Thesaurus.com**


  1. I for one delight in being odd, uncommon, and strange! Especially if those traits are accompanied by heavenly and extraordinary!


  2. I can't be normal to save my life.

  3. THANK YOU for this post! :) Haha, I am always super dorky and immature and weird but FUN in front of my friends and family and it is the best feeling to not just be "normal" espcially in fron of my sister Maddie who is 14 - love to embarrass her by embarrassing myself singin crazy with the windos down or dancin'... :-) lovin' this girrrrrl xox