July 26, 2011


One of the best parts about receiving orders is seeing where the order is going. It's fun to know that something you created will be somewhere you might've never gone or been yet. Two of my recent orders even went outside of the states, one to London and one to Sydney Australia. I really just enjoy the thought of my little package traveling all over the globe and finding a home so far away. Creating is deeper than just producing, it's about the connection and story that object will be apart of, no matter what it is. Maybe you'll wear one of my hair peices on a first date, maybe you'll wear one of my bridal pieces on your wedding day, maybe you'll put one of the baby hair pieces on your little one for their first picture, or maybe one of my photography prints will be something you hang on the wall of your new home... it's all about the story, relationship, possibility, and meaning, that's the part I love.


  1. I agree! I've thought that exact same thing! (Of course, I've only been out of Texas a handful of times, so that isn't saying too much!

  2. Just wanted to stop by and let you know I love your all your wonderful pieces. I was looking for a way to email you however I can't find an email for you on here or your etsy site. So instead thought I'd leave a comment... I was wondering if you'd be interested in sponsoring a product review/giveaway on my blog. I love the look of your hair pieces and know my readers would too. If your interested please email me at samantha@alittlesimplicity.com

  3. so happy you found my blog! and so happy to meet a sister in Christ :)
    Your blog and shop are beautiful!

    I am planning a a fundraiser for our adoption in September and would love if you would donate something from your shop!

    As all of you know, adoption is no small cost. We have a large amount of money to raise and we plan on fundraising as much as we can. I am planning a giveaway week on my blog in September, where 100% of the proceeds go to bringing our baby home. The giveaways will take place the week of September 12th and I am hoping to gather a few different groups of items. Would you be interested in donating an item/items to help bring our baby home? I love your work and would be thrilled to have you join in on our efforts. My blog receives 60,000+ views a month and I have well over 1,200 followers. The giveaway will be done through chip In on paypal and every $10 equals one comment/one entry. I am asking that all items be sent to my home so I can photograph them all together. Your blog, shop, twitter, facebook, etc will all be linked. There will also be many other women blogging about this giveaway as well. I would be thrilled and honored if you can join in on supporting us on this journey.

    If you can participate you can write me back and let me know what you would like to donate. The sooner you send your items the better, as I am going to start collecting donations immediately, putting them all aside and getting my groupings ready for that week in September. Thank you so very much!! We greatly appreciate your prayers and support!


  4. Hello!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, follow me when you get a sec!

    Loving your Etsy shop. When I get some money, I'll definitely look into buying one of your pieces. They are gorgeous.



  5. Plum, Texas is huge so that is something to consider ;)

    Thanks Ashleigh!

    Samantha & Danielle, I e-mailed you, it will be coming from the email address laluceimagery@yahoo.com. I look forward to talking with you!


  6. Your shop is beautiful, as is your blog! Best to you!

  7. I LOVE snail mail! I have been a part of many mail swaps, I just love the postmarks from different countries, it's like a full Passport you don't have to pay thousands to get!

    It's also prettttty cool to know someone in Australia is wearing something you made, maybe even right now :)

    Thanks for stopping over to my blog, I LOVE your designs!

  8. hey hun i can;t find an email anywhere.
    you had commented on my blog and wanted to do a guest post i would love if you would

    email me at



  9. Thank you Alexa! I love the images on your latest post!

    LOL Siobhan!I thought that when I got the little stamped receipts back from the customs slip they give you to fill out if anything is going outside of the US. It felt like a little stamped passport... just without the memories haha. One day ;) I e-mailed you too! Talk to you later.

    Hey Amber! Thanks so much for letting me know you didn't get it, I typed .com instead of .ca. I e-mailed you again, with the right one. Thanks again!

    XOXO ladies!!!

  10. Love this post :) Very well said! I found you through The Wiegand's and I'm excited to take a look around!!