August 10, 2015

When Friends & Family Aren't Fans | Well Being + Lifestyle

Your consumer tribe is who your vision is for. Sometimes the people closest to you don't really get what you do, take it seriously, or find it important... And that's okay! For instance, I know I have friends that support me...but could care less about business, vision & branding. It's just not their thing. I don't get offended if they don't get excited about what I do, or if they unfollow me because what I share doesn't interest them. It's not a personal judgement or an attack. Yea, it can be hurtful or confusing to feel like most of your tangible support comes from people you've never met BUT sometimes that's the point, to expand your reach. Don't water down your vision seeking approval, hold onto negative feelings, or question your path...spend that energy creating something your ideal consumer tribe will love AND then continue to love the people in your life that found you to be awesome with or without your obvious genius level ambitions, lol.

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