July 8, 2015

How to Build a Strong Creative Team | Business + Branding

When you’re building a team around any project it’s like combining ingredients for a recipe. Each person brings a unique flavor and element to the vision. Some projects can’t reach their full potential if they don’t have all the right members working on it. Here are 10 unique characteristics to look for when building your team.
1. Complementary Strengths – Linking up with people who shine in areas that you don’t is the most wise and strategic move that a visionary can make. When your team members are doing what they do best, it creates more impact.
2. Season Clarity – All parties involved need to be in a season of life where they are ready and available to be positive part of a team. When someone is out of season they don’t pour their best into the project because they are distracted, drained, or unprepared.
3. Strength Awareness – It’s always best to work alongside people who really know their lane. Someone that knows their strengths possess a focused clarity and maturity to their craft, which ultimately translates into quality input and results.
4. Vision Clarity – You want everyone involved to be running towards a common place with an understanding of what their role in that is. It’s always a good idea to start with clear communication so that miscommunication and false agendas don’t occur.
5. Committed Dedication – Working with anyone who isn’t fully committed is going to hurt the overall progression of the project. Working with people who don’t have the same standard of excellence, as others in the group, will always slow don’t the momentum.
6. Proof of Potential – A lot of people talk, few people prove. You have to make sure that everyone included has a history of following through on their abilities.
7. Unconventionally Resourceful – Having a group full of people who are not afraid to think outside the box is of most importance. Groundbreaking impact is birthed from going where others haven’t gone before. Working with people who all lack a fear of doing something new will expand the possibility of the project.
8. Internally Motivated – Seek out people who are self motivated, people who don’t need to be told to take the lead or initiative. It’s always refreshing to work with people that take the lead in their area and bring more to the table than what was asked.
9. Thoughtfully Considerate – When working within a group setting a lot of different beliefs, routines, and ways are intertwined. Working alongside people who are naturally thoughtful about how their actions affect others is the key to maintaining good synergy.
10. Linked Source – Combining networks is the quickest way to tap into a larger supply of resources. Cross tapping the assets of everyone in the group benefits the members, and ultimately the vision.
Building a team doesn’t always happen all at one time. Many times a team is developed over years until it’s reached its true potential. It also may not be made of people who are your best friends. Don’t get stuck trying to force chemistry between a group, when it’s right, you’ll feel it.

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