June 25, 2014

USED - The Top Five "Not So Pretty" Things You May Feel When Pursuing A Dream | Well Being + Lifestyle

You won't see beautiful pictures of it, there won't be any parties thrown for it, and you won't get the obligatory Twitter updates or Instragram pictures of it. It's not always pretty, it's not always comfortable, and it's definitely not always easy to understand. It's the space of time between making the decision to pursue something, and when it actually begins to happen. The real story between the covers of the book. 

Think about it, you will hear about someone's big news. It can be starting a business, moving away, quitting a job, building a dream home, starting a new career path, having a baby, getting engaged ... anything new or unconventional that creates a ripple of change. Then some time later, you see or hear something that shows that it's actually happening for them, and you think "Wow, that's awesome!". 

What you don't see is the days, weeks, months or even years of what determination against all odds, and having unwavering faith literally looks like. There is always hope and excitement when you step out on faith, but there is also tons of doubts, tough decisions, sacrifices, tears, setbacks, prayers, uncertainty, or feeling unsupported. It's a time when two paths are literally unfolding in front of you, and how you handle everything in "the space between" determines which path you end up on.

It's Faith #NoFilter

1. There can be times when the excitement of an idea begins to die down and the reality of what it's really going to require from you hits like a brick. You suddenly realize why doing what you're doing is something many people won't even try. 
You may even start to think you aren't cut out for it or made a mistake.

2. There can be times where it might be easier just to stay put and not step into something unknown.  It can be really tempting, and almost seem noble, to just forget it all and stick with the security of what you've already accomplished. 
You may even start to wonder if it's even worth it.

3. There can be times where you might feel like you have to defend what you are going after. You are told every possible thing that could go wrong and not to mess up what you already have. These things may be said out of concerned love, but it starts to weigh heavy on a spirit just trying to stay hopeful, and not make life changing decisions in fear. 
You may even start to wonder if you're doing the right thing. 

4. There can be times where you might feel alone and unsupported. The people who care about you may not be happy about the decision or take it seriously. They might forget that you still want to share the up's and down's of the experience without fueling the doubtful energy already getting sent your way. 
You may start to feel a little isolated or guarded.

5. There can be times when you put in endless hours of planning and work, but you don't even see an ounce of progression. Maybe everyone around you is getting their big break or their path may appear a little smoother. It can feel like everything you try to accomplish becomes an obstacle.
You may even start to doubt if this is what you are meant to do.

During these times many give up, settle, or just put their dreams in their back pocket.

But you know what? Don't! Giving up is the number one regret of most people when they look back on their lives.

These times are still beautiful. They are raw, unfiltered, and full of passion. You are living true to you. Not everyone can ( or is meant to ) take a risky step away from what is already great, in belief for what could possibly be out of this world extraordinary.

You may feel stressed, nervous or disappointed at times. There is nothing wrong with that, it's pushing through those times that sets you apart. You are right in the middle of the adventure before the adventure. Don't blindly rush through it, it's happening for a reason.

It's not always easy but stay encouraged. If you prayed about it, did your research, and have peace in your heart ... then go for it. Don't let frustration seep into your soul. This is a normal part of any journey that can look a little ugly, but it's definitely an interesting chapter in the story.

Trust me I know, i'm a few pages in to our chapter.

Keep going....

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