November 25, 2013

Stretching and Transitioning

It's been awhile since I wrote here but the time away has been full and sweet. I'm completely aware i'm in a time of my life that I know I will always look back on with nothing but a happy heart. I am 29, and that life you wonder about when you are younger, the "when I grow up", it's now. It's taking shape and I'm overwhelmed with the view.

Kevin and I celebrated our third year of marriage last fall and I couldn't imagine getting to live everyday life with anybody else but him. He's the kind of man whose soul is so calm and pure that just being around him feels like a breath of fresh air. He's silly, sexy, strong, thoughtful and an amazing dad to Luna. 

My Luna, already not my newborn anymore and becoming quite a fun little chick. I know to treasure this time, her baby time. I soak in every bit of her smallness, knowing I will pull memories from these days until my hair is grey. Somtimes I find myself just starting at her, so happy that the child I got to have was her.

Then there is our "vision baby", Sacred Rebel. It's the next level of our creative interests, passions, and ideas simply rolled into one. It's not easy to pursue living out your dreams, but I couldn't live any other way. I'm excited to see what the story of Sacred Rebel will be. No matter what, I enjoy the journey of the process. *The website will be live soon, and for all of you entreprenueur minded individuals, you will definitely want to check back for it, trust me ;) *

Speaking of journeys, this is where the view gets even more unique for me. This summer we will be moving from the Washington DC area to Malaysia! We are in the planning phase, but so excited. It's fun to have the curiousity in your heart, knowing your life is about to change and the story is about to take a beautiful turn. Will it perfect? Probably not, but when comfort zones are stretched, so is possibilty, so we're ready.