January 2, 2013

New Around Here

I don't think I've ever experienced a more unique season of life than now.  It feels like a slow yet fast paced flip, if that makes any sense. Like God is taking everything up until this point and revealing the purpose or path and where it fits in such a clear way. It feels like an adventure. There is a lot of change, unknowns and tons of curiosity. I'm learning His timing and learning that a lot of what I'm meant to do will be birthed (no pun intended) out of experiences I have yet to have, and that I have to let myself have those experiences to have the revelation to what the next step is.

Over the last three years i've been led to step out and take some risks or pursue certain things. Every one of them taught me alot and prepared me. I know they're seeds that are developing into a bigger seeds that may look a little different. Everything I pursued allowed me to experiment, try new things, work out challenges, and find what truly interests me. I was able to focus in and rule out other things through experience. And THAT'S the part I feel i've learned the most about. Learning my lane. That there are certain things I was graced to do and that those are the only things to focus on because that's where my full purpose lies.

Like now... a huge adventure is right in front of me and I know it's time to experience this season fully. Being a mom to a  beautiful little baby girl, to live simply in that and soak it in every bit of it. I know when it times to weave in other things, the space for them will be there.

As the year ends we all look ahead to the next year and carry lots of goals, dreams, and visions. My prayer is that nothing that has happened this last year or anytime in the past will hinder your belief in the limitless possibility of what is to come. Be Free, be fearless and know that nothing can stop the call and purpose on your life...nothing!

With the new year coming in I also wanted to personally share some other new things...

I will still be doing photography but it will definitely take on a new shape. I'm taking a break until after little mama is born and we've "settled in" to living life as three. I will no longer be doing anything event, bridal or wedding related. I will still be doing engagement photos and personal bridal sessions if requested. But if you want a recommendation for an amazing event photographer, I know just the guy, he does beautiful work, and I can connect you to him. For a listing of the types of shoots and services I still offer, just click the "photography" tab under the header above :) I also want to thank everyone who invited me into their special times and asked me to take picture of it, the support and love has been humbling to say the least. Each of the experiences is always and answered prayer.

The one other thing God is pressing on my heart the most to focus on at this time is my writing. 
 The avenue of starting a blog confirmed and taught me alot, but the world and industry of blogging doesn't really match my personality or perspective at all. Nothing bad, just not for me. It will still be here to share fun things with family and friends, especially will little mama coming, but a lot of the writing on the inside of me will poured into a new forum... a book. It's been sitting in my spirit for years but I feel that it times to put the pieces together.

I'm so excited and ready for all the NEW that is coming.