November 6, 2012


Love / Hate
During this campaign I saw lots of hate, lots of judgement, and lots of division. And I'm not even talking about between the canidates. I'm talking about the everyday opinions within the citizens of this nation.

With social media at our fingertips, everyone has their own podium and microphone and what people chose to use that platform for was sad. I have never in my life witnessed such a release for people to be so hateful and judgemental. I understand people are passionate, but be passionate for what YOU believe, not passionate about bashing and mocking what others believe. There is a way to stand strong for your views without being condescending and obnoxious. 

What is even more sad was the lack of knowledge that some of the loudest had while fighting for a party ideal or canidate that they really didn't the take the time to personally research. Just going along and listening to what biased campaign affilates and pundits says is not research. That's being a puppet and rooting your beliefs in other's opinion and being swayed by mass marketing. We have so much access to stats and information, why settle for anything less than fact

This election is important and this is a time to support what you believe BUT judging someone else for whatever they decide to do today is pointless. Nothing positive or productive comes from that. Just be peaceful in what you decided to do. Don't fall for the distracting and dividing game that politics can create. All the arguing does exactly what it's meant to do, to take the focus away from what really needs to be done or what is really going on. Be informed, be passionate, be active, but let's not fuel the hate, this nation has enough of that already, right?

Have a lovely election day!