April 1, 2011


God has been flooding me with creative visions and pursuits. Every single one of them is a quiet passion I've had in my life that He is bringing to the surface in ways I never could. I am in the season now of creating an accessory line and it is in the fun, and exciting beginning stages! So far I've sketched out the items I would like to make, ordered and researched my materials and put alot of thought and prayer into the meaning of these accessories. Packages of supplies have been coming in daily and i've been able to start putting some of those sketches into real pieces. This blog is also a new thing. I love to journal but sometimes a piece of paper can't grasp the images in my mind and there isn't as much creative freedom or ease in actually writing sometimes. Maybe this can be that, my little space of all the things I enjoy. Who knows. The Lord told me to do this... and even thought its WAY out of my comfort zone...here is my first post.
pretty light

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